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Ocean & River Voyages
Viking introduces the definitive way to explore the world in comfort. They're called Ocean & River Voyages, an innovative marriage of award-winning river and ocean cruises. Designed for those who want to get the most from these rivers and oceans itineraries, these enriching journeys highlight the historic treasures, colorful cultures and seldom-seen sights of both inland and coastal destinations, so you’ll enjoy the full Viking experience on one seamless itinerary. These are epic voyages that only Viking can provide.
•More discoveries, from a river’s village-dotted banks to historic and charming coastal ports.
•The best of both worlds: Cruise Viking’s award-winning fleet of river and ocean ships.
•A seamless experience: Take in the cultural enrichment and onboard understated elegance for which Viking is known—by river and oceans.
•A greater value: Fly overseas just once, yet enjoy two voyages.

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World & Grand Voyages
Embark on our longer cruises and visit a broad variety of destinations on one seamless journey. Every stop on these voyages are designed to rediscover that thrilling sense of adventure and escape. It’s a journey that offers one delight after the next. Combine two or more popular itineraries, or set a course for seldom-visited ports. Cruise Baltic Jewels & the Midnight Sun, our most sweeping Scandinavia journey. Trace the Spice Routes that inspired a great explorer on Voyage of Marco Polo. Discover the cultural treasures and ancient dynasties of the Far East on East Asian Odyssey. Or embark an epic World Cruise, achieving countless travel milestones on a single journey. All infused with Viking’s signature cultural immersion, destination insight and great value.

This exclusive collection of voyages is designed with our most adventurous travellers in mind. Each luxurious journey has been carefully curated to bring you one unforgettable experience after the next.

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River & Ocean Cruise Destinations

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Flowing from the Black Forest to its vast delta at the Black Sea, the Danube has shaped the history of Central Europe. Cruise through the forested slopes of Bavaria, along the terraced hills of Austria’s wine region and past the Hungarian steppes into the heart of Eastern Europe. Learn More
Lined with hilltop castles, fairy-tale villages and sprawling vineyards, “Old Father Rhine” has long been a major European lifeline of commerce and culture. Its romance and beauty have inspired poets and composers, giving birth to the tales of Lorelei and the music of Wagner. Learn More
Cultural treasures line the banks of the rivers of France. Along the Rhône and Dordogne, sample world-renowned wines and cuisine and stunning beauty. Follow the winding Seine into breathtaking Norman farmland. And marvel at landscapes immortalized by France’s greatest painters. Learn More
Douro (Portugal)
Central to Portugal’s wine industry, the Douro River was long the sole highway that delivered the region’s famed port wine to the world. Trace its enchanting route past terraced slopes cloaked in lush vineyards, hillside wine estates and stunning olive and almond groves. Learn More
Elbe (Germany)
One of Central Europe’s most important waterways, the Elbe River traverses the bohemian highlands of the Czech Republic and the untouched forests of Germany. Its waters course past vineyard-laden hills and the soaring rock formations of Saxon Switzerland. Learn More
Lined with traditional Christmas markets and the festive spirit of the season, Europe’s waterways are pure magic during the holidays. Celebrate along the Rhine, Main and Danube and raise your mulled cider to a joyous Noël you’ll always remember. Learn More
Cruise a vast network of rivers, lakes and canals between St. Petersburg and Moscow, stopping at inviting Golden Ring cities and charming villages. As you explore, meet smiling babushkas, admire the fine art of nesting dolls and gaze up at multi-hued onion-domed churches. Learn More
Big, warm-hearted and largely undiscovered, Ukraine will surprise you with its diverse landscapes and traditions. Cruise the Dnieper River from Kiev to the Black Sea, stopping to explore cities and villages woven with the colorful threads of Greek, Mongol, Tatar, Ottoman, Cossack, Jewish, Polish and Russian culture.  Learn More
Asia is a fascinating juxtaposition of the past, present and future. See China’s highlights and take a deluxe Yangtze River cruise or visit colorful Southeast Asia along the Mekong or Irrawaddy River. Learn More
Egypt is a rich repository of legendary pyramids, monumental statuary and temple unearthed from desert sands. Uncover the secrets of pharaohs and ancient civilizations as you sail along the fabled Nile River. Learn More
Ocean & River Voyages
Travel by both river and sea with enriching journeys that highlight the history, culture and seldom-seen sights of inland and coastal destinations on one seamless itinerary. Learn More



Baltic & Northern Europe
Immerse yourself in the rich Viking heritage, remarkable maritime history and colorful cultures that have shaped some of the most scenic shores in the world. Learn More
The Americas & Caribbean
Cruising the eastern seaboard of North America provides a fascinating glimpse of legacies and traditions that date all the way back to Leif Eriksson. Learn More
Mediterranean & Adriatic
Experience up close the sun-soaked cultures, romantic cities steeped in an ancient past and the rich culinary and wine-making traditions of the fabled Mediterranean. Learn More
Quiet Season Mediterranean
Join Viking in the storied Mediterranean during the quiet season. Fewer crowds mean more meaningful, relaxed culture immersion. And low-season airfares stretch your travel dollar. Learn More
Asia & Australia
Uncover the secrets of Asia’s enigmatic cultures. Take in the cultural pleasures of Australia and New Zealand. Learn More
World & Grand Voyages
Sweeping, epic and enlightening, Viking’s Grand Voyages open doorways to more of the world’s cultures, whether traversing oceans, bridging continents or sailing around the globe. Learn More
Ocean & River Voyages
Travel by both river and sea with enriching journeys that highlight the history, culture and seldom-seen sights of inland and coastal destinations on one seamless itinerary. Learn More